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At Supara Group we believe in family as a business model. We leverage thoughtful innovation and sensible design thinking to break convention. We utilize the power of precise listening and data to drive fast, boundary-pushing decisions. We design our products for everyone and they aim to solve neglected problems. We believe it's the little things we do that add value to people's lives every day.We believe borderless collaboration helps ideas and talent fow. The world is our neighborhood, and we are responsible to make it a better home.

Our Team

Win Thanapisitikul

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Lazada
  • Pomelo
  • George Hartel

  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Newell
  • Naraya
  • Patrawan Manutsathit

  • Chief Financial Officer Accounting & Finance Team
  • Tencent
  • DTAC
  • Arun Raj

  • Chief Information Officer
  • JCDecaux
  • Charles & Keith
  • Woot Thanapisitikul

    Chief Operating Officer

    Parawi Thanapisitikul

    Board Advisors

    Noon Thanapisitikul

    Executive Coach


    "My favorite part of the work culture at Supara: every day is different, in an exhilarating way. We work fast, but efficiently, and we have a focus on learning something new every day."

    Danielle Napattaloong
    Head of International Communications

    "SUPARA's work culture prioritizes growth and development in a supportive and collaborative environment. New ideas are encouraged and challenges are viewed as opportunities for growth. The leadership fosters a atmosphere of learning and creativity, allowing team members to reach their full potential. I highly recommend SUPARA to anyone seeking a challenging and growth-oriented work environment"

    Arunvidh Mansinghani
    Motion Designer

    "We're always exploring"

    Navjeet Kornchavalakul
    IT Team Lead

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