Innovation for a better life

Innovative design meets technical apparel Driven to innovate by our desire to solve. At Supara Group, we believe in the power of ideas. We utilize consumer insights to solve common everyday problems. Our drive to solve drives our design.

Modern innovation woven with generational legacy

Our History

Founded in a Small “Soi” in Bangkok

Supara is founded in Bangkok, Thailand, starting as a small sewing shop making custom clothing.


GQ Forms as a Brand Known for “Good Quality”

Supara launches its own apparel brand, GQ, standing for "Good Quality." The brand starts by making white long-sleeve shirts and t-shirts, selling them at local shops and department stores.


Our “Home Run” Product Hits the Market

GQ introduces its first polos made of mercerized-cotton, a cool and breathable fabric that becomes popular in hot climates. Now, almost 60 years later we’ve made more than 12 million polos.


Launching our New Range of Innovation

  • GQ rebrands itself with a new modern look and continues to expand across Southeast Asia, focusing on long-lasting products that solve consumer pain points.
  • Launches e-commerce website, Lazada, Shopee


Responding to a WorldWide Crisis

GQ launches the GQWhite Mask and the Crayola SchoolMaskPack in response to the pandemic, which becomes a hit in the USA, masking more than 10 million people worldwide.


Meeting Thai Consumers Needs with New Sensational Products

  • GQ introduces the Perfect Polo, Perfect Pants, and Cool Tech Underwear in Thailand, which becomes an overnight sensation for solving taboo paint points for men. Supara Group launches The Good Day Lab™, a brand engineering a better day with stain-proof kids school uniforms, in the U.S. market.
  • GQ CoolTech™ become overnight success in Thailand with Cold Eggs campaign.


Innovating for the Future and Expanding in Thai Market

  • GQ launches the Perfect Chino, a versatile and comfortable pant made of high-quality material. GQ opened 6 own stores, in addition to its 20,000 point of sales across Thailand. 
  • Supara continues to innovate and design clothing at the end of the same soi in Bangkok, where it all began. The company remains committed to providing good quality clothing, a legacy that has been passed down for generations.
  • Becomes #1 men's brand on Lazada and Shopee
  • GQEASY FMCG brand in 1,000s of 7-11 stores nationwide
  • Picknature acquisition "Acquired first brand Picknature into our aggregator. Top seller in Amazon.